Z27, T25 and T26

DescriptionIn the Bay of Biscay, on 28 December 1943, Z27, a Kriegsmarine Narvik-class destroyer and two Elbing-class torpedo boats, T25 and T26 were waiting to escort Alsterufer, a blockade runner that had come from Japan. The Royal Navy knew the German positions and had already sunk Alsterufer. The cruisers HMS Glasgow and Enterprise shelled and sank Z27, T25, and T26 from over the horizon. In one of the most remarkable rescues of the war, the 142 ft (43 m) neutral Irish coaster Kerlogue rescued 168 survivors from the three ships' 700 crew.
Nationaliy of ShipGermany
Lives Lost532
Ship UseMilitary
Ship UseNavy
Peacetime or WartimeWartime
WarWorld War Two
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