DescriptionLate in the afternoon of 18 August 1925, the 162 feet (49 m) excursion ship was passing the Newport Naval Station, Rhode Island, when her boiler exploded, killing 55 passengers. She was on a day cruise from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to Newport Harbor for passengers to visit the city and its beaches. Most injuries and deaths were from burns and smoke or steam inhalation. Some people jumped overboard but none drowned. The ship remained afloat and many boats came to the rescue. More than 600 passengers survived, many uninjured. The ship's Captain was George W. McVey, who had also been captain of Larchmont in 1907 when she sank after a collision less than 20 nautical miles (37 km) away.
Nationaliy of ShipUnited States
Lives Lost55
Peacetime or WartimePeacetime
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