DescriptionOn 22 September 22, 1857 Lefort was in the Gulf of Finland en route from Reval to Kronstadt along with the ships Imperatritsa Aleksandra, Vladimir and Pamiat Asova. The ship had aboard 756 crew and officers along with 53 women, and 17 children who were families of the crew. The squadron was caught in a sudden squall and Lefort heeled over once, righted herself, then heeled over again and sank between the islands of Gogland and Bolshoy Tyuters with the loss of all 826 people aboard.
Nationaliy of ShipRussia
Lives Lost826
Peacetime or WartimePeacetime
Link to Wikipedia (Shipwreck / Event / Region)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_ship_of_the_line_Lefort