HMS Jervis Bay

DescriptionOn 5 November 1940 the armed merchant cruiser was the sole escort for 37 merchant ships in Convoy HX 84 from Halifax, Nova Scotia to the UK. When the convoy encountered the German heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer, Jervis Bay ordered the merchant ships to scatter while she headed straight for the German ship to draw her fire. Jervis Bay fought until she was set ablaze and sank 755 nautical miles (1,398 km) south-southwest of Reykjavík. Admiral Scheer then sank five merchant ships of the convoy but Jervis Bay's sacrifice gained enough time for the convoy to scatter and the remaining ships to escape. 65 survivors from Jervis Bay were rescued by the neutral Swedish ship Stureholm.
Nationaliy of ShipGreat Britain
Lives Lost198
Ship UseMilitary
Ship UseNavy
Peacetime or WartimeWartime
WarWorld War Two
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