Droits de l'Homme

DescriptionIn the Action of 13 January 1797, off Penmarch, the French 74-gun ship of the line met the British frigates HMS Indefatigable and Amazon. The sea was rough preventing Droits de l'Homme from using her lower deck batteries and from boarding the British frigates. After 13 hours of combat the French ship, having lost her rudder, masts and anchors, ran aground off Plozévet. A store delayed rescue for five days and 250–300 of her crew were lost.
Nationaliy of ShipFrance
Lives Lost320
Peacetime or WartimeWartime
WarPre-World War One
Link to Wikipedia (Shipwreck / Event / Region)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Droits_de_l%27Homme_(1794)