DescriptionOn 6 December 1942 the British ocean liner Ceramic was sunk by U-515 west of the Azores in the Atlantic. U-515 hit her with three torpedoes and Ceramic was crippled but remained afloat. About eight full lifeboats were launched and about three hours later U-515 fired two more torpedoes that broke her back, sinking her immediately. The sea became rough and the lifeboats began capsizing in the storm. On returning to search for the ship's captain U-515 took one prisoner and left the others. Of the 656 aboard he was the only survivor.
Nationaliy of ShipGreat Britain
Lives Lost655
Ship UseCivilian
Peacetime or WartimeWartime
WarWorld War Two
Link to Wikipedia (Shipwreck / Event / Region)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Ceramic_(1913)