A Public Database of Shipwrecks around the globe.

This Silk currently contains information on 824 major maritime disasters from Roman times to 2014. You can search for specific events, or use the Explore mode to combine variables, add filters and choose the type of graph. With Silk, you will be able to query all the data dynamically, to generate custom interactive visualizations like the following.

Maritime disasters with most victims (top 20)

Oldest maritime disasters

Major maritime disasters per country

Want more? Explore all the 824 events, or click on  each country for specific overviews.

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About this site

This site was created with Silk, a platform for easily structuring information, so that it can be organized, queried, visualized and shared in a few clicks. The Silk team built this as a demonstration project. You can contact us at

We aggregated data from Wikipedia's list of maritime disasters, using Kimono for data collection and Open Refine for data cleaning.

Picture in the header: Thunder Bay Shipwreck, by NOAA's National Ocean Service (released under CC BY 2.0)